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We want to hear from you. Because of the way we work, we believe in having a real connection with our clients, one that extends beyond limiting technology (emails and texts). We always advise scheduling a phone consultation with us so that we can learn a little bit more about you, your story, and all of your fantastic plans for the big day.

As the owner, Jacq is a fantastic listener and considers herself not only a lead photographer, but a part time therapist for her clients. They consider her a force of calm, and love that she truly cares what her clients have to say. She often receives compliments on her ability to help plan weddings and give clever advice whether it be about a timeline, a location to shoot, or how to style. Overall, Love in Theory wants to make sure that they are the perfect match for you and vice versa... After all, once all is said and done, what will remain forever are the precious photos. 

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